Useful tricks and tips for distributing Freeware and Shareware Easily

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To try to submit your applications to all the major free download centers would be entirely unmanageable. You could reasonably manage a few manually and on your own, but that would not be enough to really capitalize on the traffic potential created by creating your own freeware and shareware programs and applications. The only way to really do this is to use a submission program of some kind. There are different options out there, such as FastSubmit, PromoSoft, SharewareTracker and many more. These types of products help you submit to between 400 and 600 download sites automatically or semi-automatically, 32 depending on the program you choose. You can research these programs, or simply search for mass-submission software to find a program that works well for you. Many of these rely on your having created a PAD file with the needed information the download sites will be using, so you should learn more about PAD files and creating them if you plan to use mass-submission software. Since you now know the basics of

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how to utilize the viral capabilities of freeware and shareware, let's talk just a bit about generating the ideas that will make this worth your while, and about how you can get started even if you are completely tech-ignorant. Generating Winning Ideas The one thing that you want to keep in mind is that your application needs to in some way appeal to your audience. It has to be something they will be happy to have for free. In other words, while they will not expect premium software for nothing (the possible exception being shareware programs), they will expect a nice little something for nothing—the only reason they'll be looking anyway! There is something else to keep in mind, too. It has to fit with your product/niche! You can't just throw out a free loan calculator to sell your bodybuilding supplements; you have to have something that a bodybuilder will be interested in having. Something that solves a problem, enhances your product, or helps make his/her bodybuilding life easier. To help you generate new ideas if you haven't any of your own, go ahead and search around the net and the download sites. See what other people are offering in your niche—especially those types of products that are getting downloaded often (you can see how often a program is downloaded when you click on it at most

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